Great Lake Ontario

Great Lake connects American and Canadian municipalities and entities along the shorelines of Great Lake Ontario from Niagara River to St. Lawrence River. Members create community and cultural relationships in southern and eastern Province of Ontario, and western and northern New York State. Cultural exchanges and historical touring initiatives have continued the centuries-old connection of life within the Community of Great Lake Ontario.

Canada Friendship Exchange

Strengthening cultural connections in the Community of Great Lake Ontario by building bridges of friendship to span the Lake’s waters bringing our shorelines closer together.

Library of Great Lake Ontario

PORTS Touring Society
& Cross Lake Lines

PORTS Touring Society is an economic and promotion organization bringing together entities that engage in Great Lake Ontario Waterfront commerce.

Through promotional and organizational efforts, along with campaigning and supporting the proposals of other organizations, the Society is working to energize and create a mutual effort among the region’s assets to raise the visibility and awareness of the United State’s forgotten North Coast.

PORTS  L.O.S.T. Museum Society

The PORTS L.O.S.T. Museum Society networks institutions whose missions are: revisiting the Community of Great Lake Ontario” in lifetimes past – the places, the people, and how they got there, along with the Lake’s significance in regional history.

The Society creates a collegium that explores the historic Great Lake Ontario Experience in past centuries and emphasizes those experiences that can no longer be found in practice at any point in the future of the word “today.”